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r stepping up efforts, including accelerated deployment of technologies for▓ capturing atmospheric carbon and storing it underground, and sustained growth ▓in renewables such as wind and solar, to reduce greenhouse gases.The study, p▓ublished Monday in the journal Nature Climate Ch▓ange, warns that without these efforts, the world could miss a key global temperature target set by the Paris Agreement, a 2015 United Nations convention that aims to keep g▓lobal warming below 2 degrees Celsius of pre▓-industrial levels, and the long-term goal of net-zero climate pollution."The good news▓ is that fossil fuel emissions have been flat for


ee years in a row," said Robert▓ Jackson, chair of the Department of Earth System Science at Stanford University's Sc▓hool of Earth, Energy & Environmental Sc▓iences, who worked with his colle▓agues and developed a nested family of metrics that can be used to trac

k different national emissions pledges and thus glob

eri, assista

  • al progress toward the objective

    s of the Paris Agreement."Now we need actual reductions in global emissions and careful tracking of emissi▓on

  • pledges and country-level stati

    stics▓," Jackson was quoted as saying in a news release from the university in Northern Califo▓rnia on the U.S. We

  • st Coast.The researchers▓ fou

    nd that global carbon dioxide ▓emissions have remained steady at around 36 gigatons of carbon dioxide for the t

nt▓ professor at Saint

hird year in a row in 2016."The rapid deployment o

f wind and solar is starting to have an effect globally, and in key players such as China, the U.S. and the European Union," said Glen Peters, senior rese▓archer at the Center for International Climate ▓and Environmental Research - Oslo (CICERO) and lead author for the study. ▓"The challenge is to substantially ▓accelerate the new additions of wind and so▓lar,

and find solutions for effectively i▓ntegrating these

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